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mhmm.. i think the title just says it all doesn't it?

I've been staring at photoshop for years trying to figure out what to do - i'm not up for photo manips.. and the only things i love doing are vexs and paintings.. i need to work on a painting.. but how can someone work without any inspiration?
anyway - i'm thinking about entering a contest just to pass the time - yay for time passing in my spare time but I dno't want that to be my reality time too.
I'm leaving for school in a month and 13 days.
Yes - I'm counting.
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I'm leaving today!
such a weird name of a town.
anyway - i'm going for the 4th.. Idk what exactly we're going to do there.. but
who really cares?
5 star hotel, pool, tank full of gas.

anyway i set a record for myself!
4 devinations in ONE week..
well 3 and a difference div. but still :D
and thanks for all the comments, favorites, and watchers!
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what am i doing?
i just finished up the green light, and the yellow light.
(the graphics of the ever beautiful Eugene Kim)
and now i'm bored like dirt.
I'm in the process of working on a collab between Rox, Jas, and I.
except Jas is taking a super long time with her portion.
I only started the Eugene Kim vex to pass time while Jas works on our collab...
Now.. to start a new one, and risk getting burned out on vexs.. or wait.. and do what?!

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did i mention how much i hate sequins?
and patterns?
and textures?

those are the things i struggle with as an artist.
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