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yeah. so i'm back with a vengeance.. to finish the 9 or 10.. open PDFs I have..
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: Acceptable in the 80s - Calvin Harris
Okay.. Today - which has been a crappy day. Just won't end with all these new leaps and obstacles.
So I'm getting ready to go to into PS and work on my latest (WHICH I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT), and i'm like "oh I haven't checked DA". And theres over a thousand notifications. And i'm like "DAMNIT."

But thank you miss :iconasher-bee: and :iconjussta: for my second Daily Devination~
Thank you everyone for the comments, :iconnicolabear: for the ispriation, :iconprincess-rxy: and :iconjazziekins: for getting me started and keeping me motivated.

Honestly though ya'll, I really don't care for the piece itself, and didn't think it'd go so far. It was just something I wanted to try - multiple colored hair. And I really felt like Nicole needed to be commemorated since she's no longer doing graphics :/ Besides all that I did it in two days :/ NOT TO SOUND UNGRATEFUL.. its just not one of my favorite pieces.. But again, thank you all so so much for getting me out there, faving, and commenting.
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Second semester at school kicked. my. ass. And buried me six feet under.
SOO. I'm back!!

Anyway - I put out a new graphic based on Nicole's palace avatars, how I love her.
While I was gone, I celebrated my year and a half anniversary.. My boyfriend and I are doing great. My sister decided on where she was going to school - Baylor! So we have two Baylor Bears in the house. Ironically enough, she is placed in the dorms like next door to mine...
I miss school and work though. OH and I got a promotion at work! And I think thats about everything..

SO back to graphics, the stuff you all really care about -- uh I'm back! And I'm working REALLY hard on a lot of GORGEOUS stock that gives me such great ideas. I have a tutorial coming out (possibly). I found my own way of doing skin, and I love it.
So stay tuned!!
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OKAY. SO its time to flip the f*** OUT.
APPARENTLY, while i'm off celebrating my one year anniversary with my boyfriend - SOMETHING UNTHINKABLE is happening in the digital world of deviantART, and little OLE ME has been NOMINATED and awarded a daily deviation on my half of the collaboration piece...BECAUSE OF YOU [[….
And it was odd how i came about knowing, because it's not like dA just gives you a notification no.. So I was reading the 86 notifications I had, thinking how it was a going to be a pain in the ass demonstrating my appreciation all of the people who faved, and added me to their deviwatches, and maybe adding my art to :iconvector-artists: was a bad idea, when I read a comment from :iconjapanmeonly: "congrats on the DD :D ".
and immediately I was like "wtf.. quit playing with my emotions -delete-"
SO yeah.. today has been a good day, with a slight down cast later in the day... but i'll still be on this high.

OH - and i realized I don't know the exact difference between a Vexel and a Vector, despite the fact that my bestie keeps telling me, and i always get it wrong, and everyone say comments saying "Nice Vector" when i thought it was a vexel. eh.

SO THANK YOU deviWorld, and a very special thank you to  :iconvector-artists: for featuring me on the front page (woot), :iconjazziekins: and :iconprincess-rxy: for getting me started and intrested in DA and vexelling/vectoring (i love ya'll), everyone who commented, faved, and nominated ( :iconjapanmeonly: ), and were in effect of getting my very first daily deviation. Thank you.

ahh a girl can get some stuff done!
okay so let's get down to it...

[Works in Progress]
:iconjazziekins: :iconprincess-rxy: BROWN EYED GIRLS COLLAB

[Dead Works...]
:iconvexelove: HALLOWEENESQUE
(and the-no-name-yet-vexel :/)

[Newly completed]

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okay so i've been dead.. but
stuff happens.. like Christmas and trips to and from Waco.
AHH. School has been crazy but i finished with a 3.12 GPA.. disappointing but decent for a first semester at Baylor.

[Works in Progress]
:iconjazziekins: COLLAB
:iconjazziekins: :iconprincess-rxy: BROWN EYED GIRLS COLLAB

[Dead Works...]
:iconvexelove: HALLOWEENESQUE
(and the-no-name-yet-vexel :/)

[Newly completed]
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Wed Nov 11, 2009, 1:56 PM
I cannot be the only person on the face of the earth IN LOVE with Ji Hoon, and antipating his arrival to the US.
Well i know that my friends are but COME ON DA~ hot guy. ninja. what else is better.
but I do want you females to know - Ji Hoon (Rain) is mine.
Don't get too excited.

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  • Mood: I Have To Pee
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  • Reading: my psychology text?

&:iconsugargrl14:line art painting.. almost finished
  (nothing since.. FOREVER ago.)
&:iconprincess-rxy::iconjazziekins:Brown Eye'd Girls vexel Collab..
  (Okay I haven't just TOUCHED this in decades.)
&:iconsophiaastock: Alice in Wonderland Vex...
&:iconjespecially: Painting of Mulan
  (It's starting Beautifully :D)
&:iconvexelove: Corpse Bride Contest
  (It's forming an idea)

so much unfinished work AHH. so I really want to do the Corpse Bride Contest at :iconvexelove: but I'm scared I won't have time. I stopped working on Alice to get ahead and school and now I have no time for art at all.. AHH.
So i'm totally going to have to find me some time somewhere for all of this unfinished work :D
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&:iconvexelove: Music Inspiration Contest Entry.. I won :D
&:iconizka197: Draw my OC Lacey Contest Entry.. due 10/?
  (nothing since the last update..haha :D)
&:iconsugargrl14:line art painting.. almost finished
  (nothing since the last update)
&:iconprincess-rxy::iconjazziekins:Brown Eye'd Girls vexel Collab..
  (Jas sent it~and I've looked at it..)
&:iconsophiaastock: Alice in Wonderland Vex...
&:iconjespecially:self-potrait vexel...
  (Finished, and made into deviant ID)

guick short & to the point. haha. i leave for school in TEN DAYS~
GAH. :(
&:iconvexelove: Music Inspiration Contest Entry.. due 8/2
(completely outlined, face&hair done)

&:iconizka197: Draw my OC Lacey Contest Entry.. due 10/?
  (body outlined :D)

&:iconsugargrl14:line art painting.. almost finished
  (body&hair complete!)

&:iconprincess-rxy::iconjazziekins:Brown Eye'd Girls vexel Collab..
  (I haven't gotten the psd yet.. AHMJASMINAHM...)

&:iconsophiaastock: Alice in Wonderland Vex...
  (in thought)

&:iconjespecially:self-potrait vexel...
  (eh.. its somewhere.)

ugh. too much!
so much! I got my inspriation though which is nice because I'm sick of crappy half done work..
I've been kinda stressed lately and I'm hoping all this art will take some of the pressure off.. but those Contest entries -- especially the Vexelove one is RIGHT around the corner... anyway - my sister is like doing this dance video with her bestie full of nothing but KPOP tunes including like Call Me by Taegoon, Lollipop by Big Bang ft. 2NE1, Again & Again by 2PM, Mirotic by DBSK.. the list goes on and on! I can't wait until it's finished
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mhmm.. i think the title just says it all doesn't it?

I've been staring at photoshop for years trying to figure out what to do - i'm not up for photo manips.. and the only things i love doing are vexs and paintings.. i need to work on a painting.. but how can someone work without any inspiration?
anyway - i'm thinking about entering a contest just to pass the time - yay for time passing in my spare time but I dno't want that to be my reality time too.
I'm leaving for school in a month and 13 days.
Yes - I'm counting.
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I'm leaving today!
such a weird name of a town.
anyway - i'm going for the 4th.. Idk what exactly we're going to do there.. but
who really cares?
5 star hotel, pool, tank full of gas.

anyway i set a record for myself!
4 devinations in ONE week..
well 3 and a difference div. but still :D
and thanks for all the comments, favorites, and watchers!
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what am i doing?
i just finished up the green light, and the yellow light.
(the graphics of the ever beautiful Eugene Kim)
and now i'm bored like dirt.
I'm in the process of working on a collab between Rox, Jas, and I.
except Jas is taking a super long time with her portion.
I only started the Eugene Kim vex to pass time while Jas works on our collab...
Now.. to start a new one, and risk getting burned out on vexs.. or wait.. and do what?!

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did i mention how much i hate sequins?
and patterns?
and textures?

those are the things i struggle with as an artist.
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